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A practical approach to selecting a model viewer

You have managed to request Digital Engineering or BIM for your project, and now models, photos, LiDAR scans, GIS data and maps etc. are all being delivered through your published Common Data Environment (CDE). Now comes the decision on how to view it all.

You need to confirm the deliverables are accurate, that the design and construction performance is what you have requested, and that the digital delivery is going to be useful during the operation phase. One small step is to ensure you have the right viewing tools for you and your business.

Some viewing tools may last for the capital build, some may last into the operation phase and become a part of your asset management system, but which one to invest in can often be overwhelming. This is due to the many different applications, their variety of functionality, and the lifecycle of the project/s you will need the application for.

We want to help you understand those differences so that you can select the technology that will best suit your teams.

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