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The speed of digital change today requires an agility to meet the current demand and disrupt the future. You need deployments that are measured in weeks rather than months, and to maximise the use of digital technologies to help get your staff onboard quickly. With over 20 years experience and a broad spectrum of digital technology implementations Magnae are here to help.

Optimising within the digital age

Start applying digital today and create a new era of your business.

Operational improvements have developed giving industries a plethora of new megatrends to pursue. No longer are businesses looking to simply collect more information on what they do, but they are looking at ways to automate processes to maximise performance potential. Whether that be the performance of a site, facility or asset, a business function, or a business process.

Magnae has worked across some of the largest built environment implementations across the globe and in doing so has learnt the intricate detail required to deliver digital transitions successfully. Including strategic alignments, short and medium term financial mapping, operational fluency, and IT aligned services.

We partner with clients to flesh out the solutions, decide on the useful megatrends and establish a clear path to success. This gives you our client a competitive advantage as you invest in the right areas of your business which prepares you for the future.

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Service offerings

Are you ready to optimise your operational performance? Our team of specialists have been helping a diversity of government departments, councils, cities, industry-bodies, multi-national multi-disciplined businesses, and large capital projects with their digital transitions. Our focus is to help address your most challenging issues by providing strategic, financial, operational, and IT aligned services to optimise your operational performance.

  • magnae digital strategy redmagnae digital strategy redDigital Strategy AdvisoryUnlocking the value of digital technologies to drive your business into the future. More
  • magnae process optimisation redmagnae process optimisation redProcess OptimisationStanding out by using technology as a co-pilot, rejuvenating business and project operations. More
  • magnae digital engineering redmagnae digital engineering redDigital Engineering AdvisoryIdentifying the insights that will enhance your operations and asset performance. More

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