Our Digital Services team have joined Spiire from June 2022

Magnae is now a part of Spiire

Magnae's Digital Services arm now works with Spiire, our education arm will continue our existing projects. 

The existing eduction projects are:

  • The USI (you-see) model for digital transformations.
  • Facility and Asset Management Roadmap Generator with the Australian BIM Advisory Board (ABAB)
  • The leadership committee for the BIM Academic Forum.
  • Management of legacy information for Australian and New Zealand Revit Standards.

Magnae's education projects are to improve the productivity of our Built Environment.

We apply our experience, knowledge and frameworks to assist the Built Environment industry.

USI Model | Facility and Asset Management Roadmap Generator | Australian BIM Academic Forum

  • Picture6USI (you-see) model This model provides the framework to Understand, Strategise, and Implement Digital transformations.
  • ababindustryFacility and Asset Management Roadmap Generator An industry-led initiative to reduce the complexity of Digital Delivery in the operations and maintenance phases of assets.
  • abafAustralian BIM Academic Forum An industry-led initiative to improve the consistency of BIM education across the education sector.

We are here to
help our productivity

We help with digital initiaitves that drive industry-wide change.