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Do you need help with digital initiatives?

You’re not alone, 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared. 

  • I don’t understand technology and digital, I need someone to simplify it for me.
  • Our last digital implementation cost more than it returned. Where can we find positive ROI?
  • How do I leverage digital technologies like AI and VR to stay relevant within my market?
  • There are so many choices to make, how do I know which technology trend is right for my business?
  • Where can I utilise digital technologies to squeeze more from my asset?
  • I need to break down the silos that have formed across my business.

Magnae's projects are to improve the productivity of our Built Environment.

We apply our experience, knowledge and frameworks to assist the Built Environment industry.

City Infrastructure| Water Infrastructure | Transport Infrastructure

  • cities infrastructureCities InfrastructureSmart city planning through to organsiation digital transformations.
  • water infrastructureWater InfrastructureLarge asset portfolios through to independent lifecycle phases.
  • transport infrastructureTransport InfrastructureLarge project feasibility through to asset operation.

We are here to
help our productivity

We help with digital initiaitves that drive industry-wide change.

  • magnae digital strategy redmagnae digital strategy redDigital Strategy AdvisoryUnlocking the value of digital technologies to drive your business into the future. More
  • magnae process optimisation redmagnae process optimisation redProcess OptimisationStanding out by using technology as a co-pilot, rejuvenating business and project operations. More
  • magnae digital engineering redmagnae digital engineering redDigital Engineering AdvisoryIdentifying the insights that will enhance your operations and asset performance. More

Why working with Magnae makes sense

Digitally mature companies are 23% more profitable than their less mature peers. The organisations that embrace a data-driven future will deliver more efficient operations, improve decision-making and improve engagement with stakeholders and customers. Magnae helps you to look beyond the hype to identify the intelligent systems and processes that will make an impact for your business.

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  • Autonomous Things Autonomous things can reduce the risks to business and staff, including robotics, vehicles, drones, appliances, and software agents.
  • Augmented Analytics Augmented analytics drive interactive and instant use of data, assisting businesses that have critical need for highly responsive and agile solutions.
  • AI Development Artificial Intelligence is used to enhance everything from the mundane and expensive tasks that may not be delivering return, through to the more advanced solutions in the business development process.
  • Digital Twins Digital Twins can reduce operation and maintenance risks and gain efficiencies. The benefits can be realised across an asset's lifecycle, from inception through to decommissioning.
  • why work with Magnae
  • Immersive Experiences Immersive solutions drive user experiences and are used to increase safety and reduce costs in everything from high hazard training through to stakeholder communications.
  • Blockchain Blockchain improves the trust in information. This is used to enhance data capture quality across everything from supply chain and transactions to contracts and verifications.
  • Edge Computing Combining cloud computing and edge computing can dramatically enhance operations. This is all based on how your data is collected, analysed, and used.
  • Smart Systems Smart Systems connect IoT solutions to create intelligent environments. This is to enhance the operational efficiencies and generate a better understanding of the way your systems work together.

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