Improving productivity for the Built Environment

Blockchain changing the Built Environment

Blockchain is on a sharp upward trajectory starting with the financial sector and showing its ability to significantly change the built environment on every front. You know this as you are starting to hear about it and see it come up in discussions with industry bodies and within government departments.

The important question for you is how does it affect my business? How should I get us started, what areas should we focus on, and why should we bother thinking about blockchain at all? As with any technology there are industry frameworks, such as the World Economic Forum – decision flowchart. However, the framework is specifically focused on applying blockchain and assumes that blockchain is the solution. But how do you know whether blockchain is a suitable option for you in the first place? More to the point, is blockchain something that I need to worry about now or should I wait until it becomes mainstream?

We want to help you understand what industry could be aiming for so that you can prepare your business whilst figuring out what blockchain technology will best suit your differentiation and future growth.

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